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Blessed but Stressed!


Right now, I am working on being present. What I mean by that is if I start to get stressed or anxious about something that may or may not happen in the future, I am taking the time to be mindful of what is happening now.

Here are a few techniques to help bring you back into the present when you start worrying about tomorrow, next week, or a month from now and to keep you from wandering out of the present.

1.   Try relaxing all your muscles. It's amazing how much your body tenses up when you are stressed or anxious. Relaxing your body helps to relax your mind.

2.   Stop the what if thinking. What ifs just cause unnecessary stress thinking about situations that will more than likely never happen. Enjoy what is!!

3.   If your mind starts to drift to stressful scenarios, try some mindful meditation. This doesn't have to be a long meditation. Start with noticing your breathing. Pay attention to your chest moving with every breath, listen to yourself inhale and exhale and let that thought just drift on by.

4.   Try grounding. There are many grounding techniques to help bring you back into the present, one I like to use is having a small token I keep in my wallet. When my mind starts to drift, and I start getting overwhelmed, rubbing that token reminds me where I am and to let those thoughts drift on by. It is a good reminder for me to stop, take a breath and refocus.

 Dealing with anxiety is an everyday challenge but having some tools to help deal with it makes it a little more bearable. At this moment I am trying to concentrate on staying present. I let my mind go to the worst possible scenarios which sends me into an anxiety frenzy, which is not good for me or anyone around me! Using these techniques daily is helping me to remember what is important and to take the time to really notice things around me and enjoy life a little more!


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This past few days my family rented a beach house about an hour away from our house. Now for most, this short distance hardly even seems like a bit of a travel. But my anxiety made it feel like we were driving for 3 or 4 hours. Which thinking about is so dumb, I mean, we came here for a staycation last year! But I made it because I used different tools I’ve learned in therapy.
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1plastic plate
1sponge brush
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