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We Can Beat that Panic!!!

This past weekend I went out of town, which was a huge victory for me. Last time I went out of the state was over a year ago, and my anxiety was much more manageable then. But this weekend I definitely had to use every tool and technique I had to keep myself from freaking out.
Now for me the driving is the worst part. Once I'm like 30 minutes from my hotel I'm good, it's just the getting there. Using the techniques I listed below really did help me out and helped me to actually enjoy myself!

For more tips on travel anxiety check out this post of mine.

Lightheaded and Dizzy? Do this!!!

Anxiety got you lightheaded and dizzy? Do this!

When I start to get anxious I start to sweat, get dizzy, lightheaded and feel like I’m going to pass out. This happened to me less than a year ago when I interviewed for my current position. I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to splash my face with water. Luckily my boss was cool and gave me some gum because I got so pale, she thought my blood sugar had crashed (which is a possibility). But you know what? I survived!! I made it through the rest of the interview and got the job.
Unfortunately, this has not been the last time I have had this feeling. Using the tips I’ve listed below has helped me to reduce the duration of the symptoms. It has also given me one less thing to stress about.
If you know your dizziness is caused by stress and anxiety, then it is more than likely from you hyperventilating. When a panic attack strikes, a lot of times your breathing will become more rapid which throws off your oxygen/CO2 balance, therefo…